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Overhead Garage Storage Rack

With a variety of sizes and installation options, ACI Garage has your back covered to meet all your storage improvement needs with the SafeRacks® professionally engineered product line.

Cool Facts about SafeRacks®

  • All Steel, Heavy-Duty Construction made from Industrial Grade Steel
  • Powder Coated Finish
  • 12-45 Inches Adjustable Height from Ceiling
  • Holds 250-400 Pounds
  • 9 Different Size Variations
  • 14 Gauge Industrial Steel C-Channel Split Beams
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

SafeRacks® Overhead Storage Rack Sizes

  • 2’x 6′ (Two Feet BY Six Feet)
  • 2’x 8′ (Two Feet BY Eight Feet)
  • 3’x 6′ (Three Feet BY Six Feet)
  • 3’x 8′ (Three Feet BY Eight Feet)
  • 4’x 4′ (Four Feet BY Four Feet)
  • 4’x 6′ (Four Feet BY Six Feet)
  • 4’x 8′ (Four Feet BY Eight Feet)

Bundle and Save!

Get TWO 4 foot by 8 foot Safe Racks with installation included in your garage for only $559!  We all need more storage space at home, sign up for this special now, before it’s gone!

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